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Imprint Plus’s patented name badge and signage system kits come with everything you need to create sleek, professional looking name badges and signage.  With our proprietary, Microsoft Gold certified software, quality name badges and signage can be created by simply typing in a name or text, adding a logo, color or image, and printing the patented inserts with a standard laser or inkjet printer.  All of the parts snap together in seconds, with no tools required.

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Name Badges

With over 3 million badges sold every year, at ShopNameBadges we know exactly what it takes to give a great first impression, whether you’re attending a business convention or just talking with a customer. Having well designed name badges gives you and your employees a professional edge while immediately presenting useful information to others.

Over more than 30 years in the world of name badges, we’ve worked out the best way to give businesses the name badges they need. The ShopNameBadges software was built to give you total convenience, with our design and print name badge system letting you create as many new badge designs as you need.

Once you’ve brought the name badge bases we sell, you can design name badges to the exact specifications you want. Our reusable badges let you change out designs with ease, letting you stay up to date with seasons, change vital information or try out new name badge layouts.

We offer a range of different name badge designs to suit your needs perfectly. Looking for lanyards for conventions or want to find the perfect style of name badge for your business? You can find everything you need with ShopNameBadges.

Signage Systems

Whether you’re looking for stylish table signs for a restaurant, a range of changeable signs for your catering firm or customised name plates for desks, doors, cubicles or walls, we at ShopNameBadges offer everything you could need for your business.

Our range of signage options lets you offer your customers and guests information in a classy and convenient style, whether you need permanent signs or reusable and alterable signage. ShopNameBadges offers a range of different options for signs, all built with appealing style and convenience in mind.

We offer two major categories for signage: name & door plates and buffet signs. All of our signage has reusable options, with simple inserts designed through our name badge software letting you design printable inserts, while our name plates allow for permanent engraving for a classy touch.


Keeping up to date with seasonal name badges is a great way to keep your business fresh. With the ShopNameBadges software letting you design new styles for your reusable name badges, you’ll always be able to stay on top of seasonal changes.

If you’re using our reusable buffet signage, you might need to change out signs to suit a seasonal menu, and this is made easy with the ShopNameBadges software, which gives you a whole range of options for designing appealing and high quality signs. You don’t have to worry about the cost of changing out or updating signs seasonally when you buy our reusable signs.

ShopNameBadges also offers a selection of predesigned seasonal badges and badge accessories, giving you a whole selection of ways to keep up to date with the seasons. By using seasonally updated name badges, you can demonstrate a commitment to staying on top of things which is sure to impress potential business partners and show customers that you care about the little details.

Accessories and Specialty

At ShopNameBadges we offer a wide range of name badge accessories and specialty goods to help you and your employees stand out whether you’re attending a business convention or want to congratulate people within the workplace.

Badge Talkers are an easy way to keep up to date with the holidays, adding a splash of colour and unique style to any name badge. You can add extra information with the larger space that a badge talker offers, giving your potential clients a better understanding of what your business does.

If you’re looking for a way to show your employees that they matter while informing customers about their success, the Employee Recognition name badge pack is a must have. With a whole host of awards like employee of the year badges, you can start creating a more positive work environment by rewarding success.


If you’re using the ShopNameBadges software to design name badges and signage for your business, you can get all the supplies you need through our one stop website for name badge supplies. Whether you’re looking for more printing supplies for your name badges or signs  like our Peel-Off insert sheets or replacement parts, you can find it all with ShopNameBadges.

While our name badges are made to an unbeatable standard, time and heavy usage may end up damaging your badges. You don’t have to worry about buying a whole new set of name badges if something goes wrong. ShopNameBadges offers a whole range of replacement parts for name badges, like magnet and pin fasteners along with badge holder clips.

Our P-Touch® Labeller lets you quickly produce black and white designs for labelling, an invaluable item around any office. Make sure that you don’t run out of labels at an important time by stocking up with rolls of P-Touch® badge tape.