Wholesale Enquiries

Imprint Plus accommodates wholesale enquiries on a daily basis. Please contact customerservice [at] shopnamebadges.co.uk or you can send us the completed form below to obtain a quote


Complete and send this form with your enquiry and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours. Thanks for browsing our name badge site!



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Notes for this form:

  1. This form is currently used on our company website: http://www.imprintplus.com/support/contact-us/    You can go to this link to see how it works
  2. “I am a” drop-down values are:
    1. New Customer (default value)
    2. Existing customer
    3. Distributor
    4. Other
  3. “Your Industry” drop-down values are:
    1. The “---“ value is the default value
  4. “How many employees work at your company” field:
    1. 1-4 (default value)
  5. “How did you hear about us” field:
    1. “---“ (default value)
  6.  “Send” button:

Email address to use is: customerservice@shopnamebadges.co.uk